Quilombo, Venezuela and RCTV

Here are two more links for my Latin Brothers & Sisters in the far reaches of the Empire. I did some checking on the meaning of Quilombo and found it fascinating. If I am not mistaking the articles are by Javier Ortiz. Here is the definition of quilombo according to Wikipedia :

A quilombo (from the Kimbundu word kilombo) is a Brazilian hinterland settlement founded by Quilombolas, or Maroons and, sometimes, a minority of marginalised Portuguese, Brazilian aboriginals, and/or other non-black, non-slave Brazilians. Some of these settlements were near Portuguese settlements and active both in defending against capitães do mato commissioned to recapture slaves and in facilitating the escape of even more slaves. For this reason, they were targets of the Dutch, then Portuguese colonial authorities and, later, of the Brazilian state and slaveowners. Some quilombos that were farther from Portuguese settlements and the later Brazilian cities were tolerated and still exist as towns today, with inhabitants speaking distinctly African-Portuguese Creole languages. In the Spanish-speaking countries of Latin America, such a settlement is called a palenque and its inhabitants are palenqueros who speak various Spanish-African-based creole languages.

Hope these links help in understanding what is currently going on in Venezuela. Don’t forget to check out the previous posts for the various links listed in them.




Televisión pública   quilombo-baby.jpg

2007/05/30 21:04:29.572 GMT+2

Una fuerte campaña de comunicación denuncia al gobierno de Hugo Chávez por la no renovación de la licencia a la televisión privada RCTV para emitir a través de una determinada frecuencia, que viene …


Columnas publicadas en El Mundo

Prohibido prohibir   prohibido-prohibir.jpg2007/05/28

El Gobierno de Hugo Chávez decidió no renovar la licencia de emisión del canal RCTV, que en la medianoche de ayer dejó de emitir. Es una prerrogativa que le concede la ley. El Tribunal Supremo de …


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