Links to Venezuelan Sources

For those interested in following the events in Venezuela from  bloggers in the know I have found several links to follow to those sites. There is also a link to the New York Times Article about the events currently going on in Venezuela.

Yosmary por todos los caminos…



From Quilombo :

Televisión pública
Una fuerte campaña de comunicación denuncia al gobierno de Hugo Chávez por la no renovación de la licencia a la televisión privada RCTV para emitir a través de una determinada frecuencia, que viene ocupando desde hace décadas. Acusan a Chávez de atacar la libertad de expresión en Venezuela.



El Andurrial


New York Times Article

Chávez’s Move Against Critic Highlights Shift in Media

Note: Bear in mind that news sources usually move their article to the rear as new articles are written and some to times the links given may not work.  In the even that happens then look for the article in the news archive of the given news source.

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