Venezuelan RCTV closes


Rallies as Venezuelan TV closes

Thousands of people have been marking the demise of an opposition TV station in Venezuela’s capital Caracas as it ended broadcasts on Sunday night.

The atmosphere was tense and shots were fired as supporters and opponents of President Hugo Chavez’s decision massed outside Radio Caracas TV’s offices.
Within seconds of screens going blank, the insignia of a new state-sponsored broadcaster, TVES, appeared.
Mr Chavez said RCTV had tried to undermine his government.


Venezuela’s oldest private broadcaster, founded in 1953

Only opposition broadcaster with national reach
In 2002, broadcast opposition calls to overthrow Chavez
Airs large numbers of telenovelas and reality shows. More…




Chavez accelerates on path to socialism

By Nathalie Malinarich
BBC News

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez had always said that with his new term in office, beginning on 10 January, the socialist revolution would start in earnest. And, after his resounding victory on 3 December, he has wasted no time.
Before even being sworn in for the third time, Mr Chavez has said that he wants to merge all his coalition partners into a single party, warned he will not renew an opposition TV channel’s licence and announced he will nationalise key businesses. More…

Note: If anyone has first-hand news from Venezuela please leave a comment about situation there.


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