What Now?

Many are probably wondering what the Korean community, in Korea has to say about the Virginia Tech Tragedy that took place this past Monday. As always I have wandered over the net in search of such news. Today there is an article in the Seoul Times that may answer that question. Click on the link below to see the complete article:
The Seoul Times
There you will find an open letter to the Korean People entitled,
Face of Cho: Not Korean But Misguided Soul
It is a most moving article, which if I am not mistaking is by David M. Barron Freelance Photographer, Boston, Ma, USA
email: david@oxygengroup.com
There are many in the continental United States that do not realize the turmoil that this tragedy has caused not only the Cho family but the Korean people as well, both in the states and abroad. They are currently viewing the actions being taken by the police in Virginia who are constantly having to move Cho’s family from place to place for their own safety.
This has been a terrible tragedy all around for all the victims as well as their families not to mention Cho’s family. We must bear in mind that these were the actions of a misguided soul as Barron puts it in his article.


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