Virginia Tech. The Survivor, The Horror, and a Tribute.

So much news has been flashed across the screens in these past days about the Virginia Tech Massacre, mostly dealing with the killer and yet there is the untold side, the victims. A lot of criticism has been given to the media for showing and re-playing the killers videos, and rightfully so. As humans we seem to have this macabre need to get inside the mind of the killer even though we sympathize with the victims. Unfortunately that is the nature of man, which is why news is the way it is. No doubt as I am writing this piece there are a bunch of high powered executives sitting around at late night drinks talking about how they can cash in on this tragedy. No doubt a movie is already in the works!

I have not posted any video of the killer and his manifesto as there are tons of sites out there that are focusing on it. Here I want to present the victims. On a previous post ( Websites of Virginia Tech Victims ) I post some of the websites of the victims and even went to all of them to see them for myself. Some were private, but most were public. By now they were being filled with many Good-Byes. Many of the comments were very sad. One site only listed one friend, and at each site the chilling reminder of this tragedy, last entry April 16, 2007.

Here I picked out a few videos (courtesy of Youtube) that I felt encompass some of the pain of this tragedy. For those interested in seeing the many tributes to Virginia Tech you have only to go to Youtube.

Here is what I selected:


May They Rest in Peace


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