Websites of Virginia Tech Victims

After a bit of hunting across the net I was able to get the websites of nine of the Virginia Tech victims at which many can see a glimpse of their lives and express their condolences.

Brian Bluhm
Click here for Brian Bluhm’s Web page.

Matthew J. La Porte
Click here for Matthew J. La Porte’s Web page.

Daniel O’Neil
Click here for Daniel O’Neil’s Web page.

Reema J. Samaha
Click here for Reema J. Samaha’s Web page.

Ross Abdallah Alameddine
Click here for Ross Abdallah Alameddine’s Web page.

Caitlin Hammaren
Click here for Caitlin Hammaren’s Web page.

Emily Jane Hilscher

Click here for Emily Jane Hilscher’s Web page.

Mary Karen Read
Click here for Mary Karen Read’s Web page.

Ryan Clark
Click here for Ryan Clark’s Web page.

May they Rest in Peace


3 Responses to “Websites of Virginia Tech Victims”

  1. Ween Says:

    May the victims rest in peace..

  2. V.E.G. Says:

    Ross Alameddine is of Lebanese, First Nations, and French-Canadian origin.
    Brian Bluhm is the cousin of Jonathan Swift!
    Ryan Clark’s last name came from slaveowners. (Clark’s real African name is lost.)

  3. V.E.G. Says:

    Matthew Gwaltney is the cousin of General George Armstrong Custer and he is of Jerrais origin due to his mother’s maiden name Poindexter (Jersey is not part of the UK).
    Erin Peterson’s last name came from slaveowners. (Peterson’s real African name is lost.)

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