Korean-American Among Victims of Virginia Massacre

A 19-year old half-Korean was confirmed to be among the dead during Monday’s shooting rampage at Virginia Tech University in Blacksburg, Virginia. The girl, identified as Mary Karen Read, was killed during a campus massacre that left 33 people dead, the 24-hour news channel YTN reported Wednesday morning. Her death was confirmed by the president of the Federation of Korean American Associations of New Jersey and a Korean American councilman of Palisades Park, the report added.

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World Press Reacts to News of Korean Shooter

The press worldwide on Wednesday identified the killer in the worst shooting rampage in U.S. history as Korean.
In China, there was relief that the disturbed loner who killed 33 people at Virginia Tech before turning the gun on himself was not, as initially reported, Chinese and that there were no Chinese victims. The English-language China Daily headlined a story on its front page, “S. Korean student is mass killer” and focused on Cho and his motive.

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Young Koreans in America: a Generation on Edge

Cho Seun-hui, the shooter in the Virginia Tech University massacre on Monday, came to the U.S. with his family when he was eight years old – a fact, experts say, that may have played a part in the tragedy. Shin Min-sup, an associate professor of psychiatry at Seoul National University’s Children’s Hospital, said, “A sudden environmental change like immigration must have caused enormous stress to Cho. It seems the anger which he had locked inside exploded all at once.” Youngsters who come to the U.S. at an early age are sometimes referred to as the “1.5 generation” of immigrants, poised between the first generation, who emigrate as adults, and the second generation, who are born abroad.

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Cho’s parents under police protection: FBI, police

Parents of Virginia Tech shooter Cho Seung-hui are fine and currently under police protection, the Virginia State Police confirmed Thursday.
The Federal Bureau of Investigation and police denied the report that the parents attempted suicide after learning of their son’s alleged killings.

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Massacre puts ethnic Koreans in U.S. on alert

Roh holds emergency meeting to discuss necessary measures
Concerned that the recent massacre by a South Korean student in Virginia, the United States, would spark prejudice or confrontation against South Koreans, the Seoul government held emergency meetings yesterday to discuss any necessary measures.

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 Korea mourning shooting victims

Korean society is sharing the sorrow and shock of Americans following the deaths of 32 students and staff members at Virginia Polytechnic Institute Monday.
They had been slain by a gunman in the worst shooting rampage in U.S. history.
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