The Gingrich Statement

Well my Latino Brothers and Sisters I don’t know what to tell you regarding the recent comment of Newt Gingrich at the National Federation of Republican Women. You will note that the crowd cheered regardless of what he actually meant! That in itself should be an indicator of Republican sentiment regarding non-whites, though I guess we all knew that.

On Think Progress there is a video of  Hannity & Colmes,  in which Gingrich claimed his statement “did not refer to Spanish.” Gingrich insisted, “What I meant is very clear[],” but then wouldn’t say which language he was referring to.

You will have to go to the site and see the video and figure out what he was referring to. All in all I think it gives all Non-Whites, and especially all Hispanics something to think about since the Presidential election is right around the corner and Newt Gingrich has expressed serious interest in running.

In my usual hunts on the Net I came upon a rather interesting report. The following excerpt is from the report:
“Immigration and Fading Color Lines in America,” by Frank D. Bean, Jennifer Lee, Jeanne Batalova, and Mark Leach

(July 2004) The growth in the nonwhite population over the past 30 years has been not only dramatic but also diverse in terms of both race and ethnicity and geographic location.

The major recent racial and ethnic composition shift in the country is at once highly conspicuous (especially in those places where it is taking place most rapidly, thus sometimes exacerbating fears about a growing nonwhite population) and nonmonolithic (which, if better understood, would probably lessen anxieties about racial or ethnic relations and conflict).

You might want to buy the report!

The little there is of the report on this site does show charts that are of interest to the Non-White population. It is well worth going to the site just to see the charts. I wonder if the Republicans have seen this report?

I am at a loss as to his reference to the “language of prosperity.” It’s funny but I typed that into the search engine and the only reference was to the Gingrich statement. I guess it’s something he created for his speech because it does not show up and there is no definition regarding it though Daily Kos seems to have loved the statement and must know it’s definition!

I know the gentleman at the blog ” And, yes, I DO take it personally “ was somewhat pissed and had a recommendation.

If you go to Wikipedia you will see a list of possible contenders for the Nov. 4, 2008 Presidential election. It will give you an idea as to what is in the making. Obviously Bush will not be returning and for all we know Cheney might move to Dubai and rejoin Halliburton!

I think this is the time to take a good hard look at the choices and bear in mind that whenever we have Republicans in the White House we usually have a war on the horizon! Remember the equation: Republicans + Big Business = WAR.  Don’t believe me, just look at the current administration!



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