What If?

OK, here is a scenario that I am going to run by you. Let us say that there is a dead-beat father who decided to cut-out so as not to make any child support payments. He disappears completely. The authorities try to trace him without any luck. Now the government decides, “ OK we are tired of this”. They call in their think tank for a solution. The think tank comes up with something novel, lets get the child support from the grandfather! The government loves the idea and implements a law as such. Now the aging grandfather is stuck with child support payments that the dead-beat son refused to pay. Talk about unjust, something out of the Dark Ages. Well think again.
This is the exact scenario right now in Puerto Rico. You don’t believe me? Call up a relative in Puerto Rico, Check out the local papers though I can’t find the exact link for the story since it is a few days old. Here are a few links for those who like to hunt.
http://www.vocero.com/   http://www.endi.com/noticias

As for the scenario it is true and the parents of the dead-beat fathers are now the ones who have to pay. Elderly people on Social Security or even less. Talk about injustice! What I ask myself is where in Gods name did these politicians get this idea? It sure as hell smells like an import, like all the others that they have put forth here in the form of new laws. These politicians continue to try to apply stateside models to our island culture with disastrous effects. The latest is a direct attack to our culture and comes in the way of taking away the Cock Fights. Like in all other laws that have been passed lately the local politicians seem to want to placate their stateside Puppet Masters by following stateside models of laws and customs.

However I think there is a lot more to worry about at the moment and for that news I will direct you to my other site http://hunterseeker.wordpress.com/ . The news is not good and it is not getting better.


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