Viandas in Middle America!

For all those Puerto Ricans living in the far flung reaches of Middle America I have it from Ms. Daisy herself that there are Viandas in Middle America! In her own words: “I had the luxury of doing some “detective” work while on my book tour (and when I travel for demos) and I have found “vianda” in most ethnic markets, and by ethnic, I don’t mean restricted to bodegas and Latin markets. I have found yautia and plantains in Asian markets…along with culantro and achiote“.
So there you are my people, there is hope yet for a taste of those foods your mother used to make back on the island!
Here is my own culinary tip ( though I do not pretend to match the professionalism of Ms. Daisy ). If you are fortunate enough to get ñame and bacalao in your area your can make a very tasty meal. First boil the bacalao so as to get rid of the salt then when you go to boil it again ( after de-salting ) include cut pieces of ñame and cook until the ñame is tender. What happens is that the ñame takes on the flavor of the bacalao! Believe me it taste GREAT. Buen Provecho !

Note: for all those wishing to check out Ms. Daisy’s site just go down to my post on Pasteles and you will find the link there.



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