How we miss those “Pasteles”


Painting courtesy Elida Rodriguez 2007

For all those Puerto Ricans living in the far flung reaches of the “Empire” here is something to bring tears to your eyes, a recipe for “Pasteles”.


Go to Boriqua Blog for a mouth-watering recipe Click here for link : Boriqua Blog

For her new site click below

Welcome to Daisy Martinez .com! 


As for the ingredients I don’t know where you are going to find plantains in Missouri, yautia in Utah, or achiote in Arkansas but if you are lucky enough to have one of those Caribbean Bodegas near you then you just might find what you need.
Personally, I have not tasted Ms. Daisy’s Pasteles but judging from the recipe I don’t see how you could go wrong. Buen Provecho !


One Response to “How we miss those “Pasteles””

  1. daisy Says:

    Hola Querido, Thanks for the link…I will happily return the gesture on BoriquaBlog. I’m thrilled that you enjoyed the tutorial, and that you are involved in spreading the good word. As for plantains and yautia in middle America, let me assure you that it has arrived, lol! I had the luxury of doing some “detective” work while on my book tour (and when i travel for demos) and I have found “vianda” in most ethnic markets, and by ethnic, I don’t mean restricted to bodegas and Latin markets. I have found yautia and plantains in Asian markets…along with culantro and achiote. Barring all of those options, I like to say this: If you can find a husband/wife on the internet these days, achiote seeds are cake.
    And trust me…this recipe for pasteles are the BOMB!! I urge you to try it at your earliest convenience!

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