Loneliness is a state of feeling cut off from and longing for others, due to lack of contact (physically, emotionally, etc.) with people (whether acquaintances, friends, or loved ones). Loneliness is not to be confused with solitude (where a person may appreciate the time to think and reflect without distraction.)

The above is the definition I found on the internet for loneliness. Yet as human beings we know it goes far beyond the definition given. Feeling cut off from and longing for others. We all know that those words do not describe the actual feeling, no it goes beyond that. I think, and I venture to say that many will agree with me that apart from pain and death loneliness is the next most feared phenomenon.
I dare say that there are many out there who would probably prefer death to loneliness. At least death is finite, final, loneliness is not. It persist! It is all pervading! It erodes the soul! Yet how many times have we not felt this even within a huge crowd. No, I think loneliness goes far beyond the mere presence of others. In essence I feel that it is a disconnection from another being and not necessarily a group. We all feel home sick when away from familiar surroundings and somewhat lonely, but loneliness goes beyond that.

True loneliness falls into a realm all of its own. It is a feeling of true isolation from all humanity but particularly from a given individual. When that person is gone then no multitude can substitute. The coffers of Fort Knox do not have the money to replace that loss. Why do you think the old fear aging. Illness, lack of mobility, loss of agility, no. Loneliness! That is the true fear. Those like myself who are artist and know of Picasso’s late years know what I speak of. He dreaded to have to call anyone for fear that person would be gone. That is the fear of loneliness. To rise in the morning to discover your loved one is gone, that is the fear of loneliness.

I try not to deal with such matters but it is an archetypical phenomenon that we all face and it does fall within the realm of these writings. I note it in passing, as a vagrant thought but a thought that lurks in the minds of all!


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