My Island, What is to become of you?


As my readers will have noticed I don’t write that much about Puerto Rican politics or politicians. The reason for this is very simple, it’s always the same crap, the status issue! Local politicians spend more time in mindless babble about the status, spending countless sums in investigations that always come back with the same results ( why don’t they just look up the previous results?) and rarely if ever attending the needs of the common folks!

You got one camp that spends its time trying to gain kudos with its Washington Puppet Masters and trying to convert this lovely island into some stateside model. You got another camp battling the first though oddly enough they too have begun a process of assimilation cramming models of stateside laws and regulations down our throats. The last camp is seldom heard though they too have their web pages out there. In recent times all have been or still are undergoing structural changes and even divisions. Young blood is trying to assert itself in two of these camps, which is a good idea seeing as the same old dinosaurs are still running the show.

In the mean time the island continues to under go change be it for the better or for the worse. In most cases it is for the worse though I am certain a lot would disagree with me. This constant introduction of stateside models for virtually everything has gotten to be drastic and is destroying our culture on a continual basis.

I recall when I first came here in the late 70’s there were many vendors who used to come around the neighborhoods in their trucks and vans selling all manner of goods. Except for the regular shopping one could get just about everything else from these vendors. There was the vegetable truck, the chicken truck with live chickens, the vendor with the 55 gallon barrels for garbage. There was still a vendor that sold fresh milk and dairy products and the fishermen from Fajardo and other fishing towns that sold fresh fish. Let me not forget the most favorite of all the ice cream vendor! The list continued. There was still the old man that went around sharpening tools with his grindstone. I recall that there were some times in which 2 or 3 of these vendors would be on the street at the same time and people would come out to gather around them and it was practically a celebratory event.

Those days are gone. The days of the parrandas are slowly drifting into the past as well. Now you can buy pasteles in the supermarket, what a scandal! The traditional is rapidly fading into the past and into history books. Like in Hawaii we are rapidly being changed by stateside formats on virtually every front. Like Hawaii we will pay the price! In this age of the internet many islanders should turn their sights towards Hawaii and begin to research their news and their current conditions to see what awaits us because I guarantee that is the fate that awaits us! In fact let me make it easier still, here are several links to newspapers from Hawaii so as not to strain your clicking finger. Forget the vacation crap, look at the news especially in regards to the social conditions. Have Fun! Honolulu Weekly Maui News Waikiki News West Hawaii Today


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