What of Life?

Hi Sandy I’m back. What an Odyssey! I was on my way back from Vega Alta when we ran into a huge traffic jam. The publico had not gone more than 3 blocks when a cop told the driver he had to turn around due to an accident. The driver was arguing with the cop to the point I thought he was going to arrest him. The driver finally made a U turn and left me off. I then started walking towards the accident.
When I got there it was a terrible scene. It would seem that a guy on a motorcycle and a truck entered the intersection at the same time and crashed. From the scene I was able to tell that the truck was already in the intersection and was hit by the motorcycle, a big one like a Holly. The impact was so great that it tore off the bumper from the truck and smashed the entire front end of the motorcycle. As you can imagine traffic was snarled up for miles. The guy on the motorcycle was unconscious when I saw him as they were taking him to a helicopter that had landed right on the highway. The accident had taken place right in the middle of the highway so you could not drive around it. Just my luck. I had to WALK ALL THE WAY HOME. I would imagine that it was a distance of about 3 miles if not more.
Oh well so much for the mornings adventure. Now I am back in the Hobbit Hole away from any other ongoing tragedy’s and life threatening events.

That was my morning on February 28, 2007 and the above was my email to my sister immediately after returning home. After that I gave some thought to life in general and how it is that we know when we are born but have no clue as to when we depart. I have no idea if that motorcycle driver lived or died but never the less it caused these thought’s It is probably why it is that I am always telling my wife that I prefer to enjoy my life and not spend it on menial tasks that, while they may be of some importance have little to do with the task of living.
I am not totally a spiritual or religious person. I have spent years delving into religions and beliefs. I have checked out the St James Bible as well as the I Ching. I have delved into the beliefs of the Mayans and Aztecs as well as the Zulus and Ethiopians. By the same token I have spent an equal amount of time in studying history and science. History has taught me that religions are nothing more than an agenda to control the poor and the masses in general. Like the socialist used to say, religion is the opiate of the poor. Science has taught me when you die that is it! Your body stops functioning, the organs begin to deteriorate, and in an uncontrolled environment you rot away, and that’s it.
I know there are many out there who believe in the nether land, in ghosts, in reincarnation, voodoo, the wind spirits and many other things. Till this day I cannot say I have seen a ghost, have spoken with a departed one, have had a reincarnated person show up before me or have heard the tree spirits or wind gods. In all of my experience I think that I could only attest to one thing and that is the psychological theory of a collective unconsciousness, that and the belief in alien life. Why you may ask? Because scientist, in a majority of the cases, cannot believe that we are the only beings in this universe, and neither can I! As for all the religious beliefs they are no more than controls society has on its “subjects”. Religions and governments have march forward in history hand in hand. One conquering the physical the other conquering the spiritual and both lining their pockets with their ill gotten gains. For those who do not believe this you have only to follow the trail of history and objectively, OBJECTIVELY examine it. You will discover how many cultures, how many people were annihilated in the sake of a belief. Some have even disappeared entirely.
That is one of the main reasons I live a life in essence apart from those around me. So many people are caught up in so many differing concepts of government and religion that they really do not even enjoy the time they have. I would say given but that would imply a belief, so I say have!
These are just some words, some thoughts, from a bohemian, aging artist, living in the Caribbean. Maybe these thoughts will help someone out there take a hold of life and live it! In reality, when you have gone through all the bullshit of the merchant mentality, the government agenda and the religious mania, you are still faced with life, and not too much of it either! What’s to be done? Think about it!


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