News from Jolly Old England

Readers will remember my post of February 17th , 2007 (shown below),

Follow-up on the Oil Connection
February 17th, 2007 by elbohemio
Us Troops Prepared To Attack Iran
Bush Said To Be Seeking
“Persian Gulf Incident”
By William Thomas

Scary headlines? They may very well be the reality in a short time. Again I spent the early morning hours hunting through cyber space for opinions, reports and commentary’s regarding the impending attack on Iran and was not surprised that much has been written and that past and present day theories are fast becoming a frightening reality. This article by William Thomas, dated 05/11/06 caught my eye and does much to explain what is taking place today. This link takes you to that article, and many more….


well it would seem that there is even more disturbing news coming out of Jolly Old England. The article was posted by Evan Derkarz at 11:30 AM February 20,2007. Here is a small piece. For full article go to link below:



BBC exclusive: Plan for Iran attack
broader than expected [VIDEO]
Posted by Evan Derkacz at 11:03 AM on February 20, 2007

The official kickoff to the Attack Iran ’07™ campaign launched last week with the three Anony-mice asserting connections between Iranian leadership and the insurgency in Iraq.
When the folly of that connection — not to mention the folly of the assertion itself — was revealed, Bush was forced to step back and blame the messenger.

Now, BBC reports (video upper right) that the plan of attack on Iran goes far beyond the expected disruption of nuclear capabilities to include “most of the country’s military infrastructure,” much of which is dangerously close to population centers. The plan, they note, is rapidly evolving and significant movement is being made in that direction. Nothing new there. But, as many have noted, something alarming was mentioned (second one below):


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