The Ground Truth

This morning after surfing through the news on Netscape I came upon an article by Barbara Miller, Eagan, Minnesota that directed me to a profound piece of video that I feel ALL should see. The title is “The Ground Truth.” You will have to go to her site to connect with the links. I tried to insert them here but could not. Her site is at the bottom.

This is exactly the sort of documentation that I have spoken of which needs to be brought to the public, not that sanitized stuff we see on CNN and Fox  and the various documentary’s showing recovering soldiers. Here we see a true face to the pain, the misery, the heartache that both sides are suffering. This should be combined with “Iraq: The hidden story” which was viewed by many at which showed how the press sanitizes raw coverage to make it more palatable for it’s viewers but goes on to show what was cut and give a more factual account. These are the types of coverage that should be shown to all those arm chair warriors who sit around on weekends guzzling beer and ranting and raving about war.

Miller gives some very sobering facts in her article, sobering and moving! For more of her work go to the following link

I only hope and pray that many. many more people tune into this video, especially those around recruitment age so they see what they are in for!

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