Vaccines for the poor?

I found a most admirable article on Netscape titled:
Persuading Big Pharma to make vaccines for the poor

17 February 2007

There is a snippet that caught my eye, blind as I am, which made my eyes pop. Take a look and I hope the people at New don’t mind my pasting it here for others to view.

This “Advance Market Commitment”, launched in Rome on 9 February, has so far received $1.5 billion in donations from Canada, Italy, Norway, the UK, Russia and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, to spur the development of new vaccines for pneumonia and meningitis caused by the pneumococcus bacterium.

Is it my eyes or is the U.S. not involved in this project ( except of course for the gates ) that would benefit the poor. Not only that but look at the figure $1.5 billion and that is between six entities, so far. Does anybody know what the current expenditure is in the Iraqi Theater of war right now? I am totally ignorant on these matters but let me throw out some numbers $30 billion per month? $39 billion per month?

There seems to be something very wrong here. Ah I know what it is! There is no money to be made with the poor! Tell me does anybody smell a Bah Humbug in all this. I know Christmas is over but I get a hint of Scrooge here.
For the full article you will have to connect to Netscape or New
Below is the link to the article and I hope it fits here.



I hope there is a lot more to come. I think of the children In all these countries of famine, strife and misery who are dying on a daily basis through no fault of their own and it’s heart breaking. So much for war and profit, so little for the helpless!


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