Follow-up on the Oil Connection

Us Troops Prepared To Attack Iran
Bush Said To Be Seeking
“Persian Gulf Incident”
By William Thomas

Scary headlines? They may very well be the reality in a short time. Again I spent the early morning hours hunting through cyber space for opinions, reports and commentary’s regarding the impending attack on Iran and was not surprised that much has been written and that past and present day theories are fast becoming a frightening reality.   This article by William Thomas, dated 05/11/06 caught my eye and does much to explain what is taking place today. This link takes you to that article, and many more.

The article made reference to the Carlyle Group and what they stand to gain. Who is the Carlyle Group you may ask?

Click on this link and find out:

As I had said in my previous entry none of this has come about over-night. The preparations have been in the works for sometime now.  Like I had said war is a logistical problem which requires a lot of planning and huge volumes of materials and supplies not to mention who are the suppliers? Note: The Us in the headline is as it was. May have been a typo or something else.


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