The drums of war


I had not touched on this topic as of yet but due to the ever increasing possibility of a pre-emptive strike against Iran I feel it is time. Our Fearless leader President Bush has been spoiling for a fight with the Iranians for some time now. He will not be happy until he drags us into yet another war. He has been gallivanting around like the bully on the block trying everything possible to force us into a war with Iran. All his assessments from his intelligence cronies have been largely negative against Iran. Somehow that sounds familiar, oh yes the intelligence reports prior to the U.S. and coalition forces attacking Afghanistan, which in effect acted as a springboard for the Iraq invasion. From the minute the U.S. got the excuse to go into Afghanistan courtesy of 911 I had said that what Bush really wanted was Iraq. Sure enough that is how it came out. Now that Bush has lost republican backing and the democrats hold the purse strings he is looking for whatever excuse he can shove down Congress’ throat, no doubt with the same faulty intelligence that we have already experienced.

Already there are reports that he has a tentative target date of April! Search the net for new U.S. Air Force bases and you will find them north of Iran. Click around and you will also discover recent naval build-ups in the Persian Gulf, ironically just southwest of Iran.

The War Drums have begun to sound and for those who don’t believe it start checking around. Wars are logistical problems and I am sure that manufacturers of war goods have been getting ready months ago with increased productions. It will be evident in both small town America and in branches of those same manufacturers in foreign countries. The list is endless, vehicles, guns, bombs, clothing, rations, etc., etc. I am certain those very same merchants have begun to wet dreams over the expected profits to come in the near future and have probably begun setting up off-shore accounts in which to store their booty. Lets face it, wars are big business and money has no conscious.

What really burns me up is that the inner cities will once again be assaulted by military recruitment drive, offering everything under the sun for our young to enlist knowing all along that they really will not keep their promises. You don’t believe me? Ask around! Start checking with all the veterans you know from WWII till now. Pay close attention to the ethnic veterans! Check out the various veterans organizations, too many to name here, and listen to their stories. To all my Latin brothers and sisters take a good look at the artwork at the top of this article, that should open your eyes a bit. Beware before putting your signature on the dotted line! Think of your parents and what they will go through. Believe me I know that feeling and it is a living nightmare. Think of your wife or husband and the hell it will put her or him through not to mention the possibility of a divorce somewhere along the road and the loss of what you had. Think of the children. If nothing else, think of yourself. Life is such a precious gift and the only ones that profit from wars are big business. There is something else that you should bear in mind; today we will demonize our enemy, tomorrow we will be in bed with him. Does anyone remember Vietnam? How about Japan?

If this article does nothing more than keep one young life out of the horrors of war, I will feel very grateful and happy that I wrote it. Remember F. Scott
Fitzgeralds famous line, “ Show me a hero, and I’ll write you a tragedy.”


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