The Final Word


It never ceases to amaze me how our local politicians here in Puerto Rico act like if they have the power to bring about change regarding our status. Somehow it never occurs to them that it is the U.S. Congress that has the final say in this matter and not the Puerto Rican politicians or its people. They are the ones that will ultimately decide the status issue, if there ever is a decision.

While there are many who feel that the U.S. is tired of paying out millions of dollars to keep the island afloat we have to bear in mind that there are both government and private interest who view Puerto Rico as their investment and are not going to relinquish them on the say so of some second class citizen politicians! More so in these times then ever before because of the state of terrorism world wide. It used to be that corporations would look towards foreign lands as a way of both cheap labor and working outside the watchful eye of government regulators (the situation in Nigeria which is not new and has been going on for years is a good example:   ) but things have changed since 911. Terrorism has brought an end to the corporate wet dreams of coffers of money to be had in foreign lands. So saying is anyone going to believe that the government or corporations are going to let one of their investments just slip through their hands without a fight?

Think about it! Look around and start counting how many stateside corporations are set-up here on the island. While it is true that the end of 936 has brought about change and many corporations have left seeking cheaper labor (out-sourcing in corporate terminology), there are still many who are wary of doing business in foreign lands because of the current situation in the world. It used to be that Afghanistan and Pakistan were rich havens for cheap labor, as was China and everyone saw the outcome of that. The women will remember that more than the men because for many years there were cheap garments that came from these regions. While merchants are not warriors they will fight tooth and nail when it comes to their investments and money! Did I say they would fight, excuse me I meant they would send their second class citizens to fight.
As I said in the beginning, it is the U.S. Congress who has the ultimate say in the status issue and guess who their puppet masters are? Anyone who believes that we actually have a say in the matter would also believe that the U.S. is in Iraq to spread democracy!


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