The Nature of Change

The Nature of Change

When I view change I look at the effect it has on a society and the world in general. The first thing that comes to mind is how was this done in the past? A good example of this is communications. In the past communication was verbal, written or by sign such as smoke signals or flags and standards.
Today we live in a world in which communication takes place at such a high speed (and it continues to accelerate) that many times it is hard to absorb and in many instances we are drowning in information overkill to such a degree that we must sift through what may be ton‘s of information before finding what we are looking for. These new forms of communications such as cell phones, e-mails, faxes, and wireless communications have in fact brought about disassociation within society and cut off many people from the mainstream. This disassociation takes place in age brackets of approximately 10 years. The most receptive group are those betweens their teens and the late twenties. It would seem that the disassociation begins after this age group (depending on type of employment or profession) and increases with every decade of age difference until you get to those that are in their fifties and above who are basically disconnected with the use of such things as cell phones (which they may use but do not understand how to configure them or retrieve information from them) and computers of which many in this age group are simply ignorant in their use or bewildered. This in turn brings about feelings of incompetence, and low self esteem. To venture into the World Wide Web is enough to bring shock at the realization that many can no longer compete in this new world. Many simply do not have either the skills or finances to even begin to venture into the computer age which has been accelerating at such a speed that today‘s computer are obsolete in less than a year! Just the initial cost of setting up a computer in one’s home may start at over $1,400.00 for the computer and one or two peripherals not to mention connecting to e-mail server and the WWW. It is no wonder that so many people walk around oblivious to what is happening around them. These people are in fact victims of the new Cyber Society in which they live. Where as in the past identity theft was the exception rather than the rule today such incidents take place at an alarming rate and many times unknown to the victim! Where as before it was sufficient to lock our door now one has to guard virtually every piece of information associated with our identity.
The reality is that even this is not enough as many institutions must have this information to function (social security, veterans administration, banks, realtors, etc., etc.) that even these institutions are vulnerable and many times helpless as is society in general. Just recently there were reports of computer disc’s that were stolen from insurance companies, the veteran’s administration and even the military with I.D. information on millions of people! If such a thing can take place in such powerful institutions and organizations one can only imagine the imminent disaster that is coming like an apocalypse to the rest of us.
I think that the one ruling factor here is fear!It is the same fear that brought about advances and near disasters during the Cold War. As the old saying goes: If we don’t do it the other guy will! And it is this one factor that keeps generating change at such speeds that people simply cannot keep up and face all sorts of ruin. The common people are at the mercy of the cyber techs while the cyber tech’s themselves are at the mercy of the continual advances brought about by the ever increasing advances in cyber societies elite. The sad part is that the whole thing is like a run away train that cannot be stopped!
Man has come a long way and yet change continues and will continue if for no other reason than fear. He has gone through the hunter/gatherer age, the agricultural age, the industrial revolution, the technological revolution which continues, and now the cyber revolution. I guess the old saying: If we don’t do it the other guy will! Will never be old fashioned!

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